Best Verruca Removal Treatment for Foot

Silver Nitrate Pencil for a verrucas removal

What are verrucas?

Any wart or plantar wart can be classed as a verruca, but verrucas are usually associated with the feet and especially the soles or toes of the feet. Caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, verrucas can be highly contagious and thrive in the wet, warm conditions synonymous with swimming pools, changing rooms and other contaminated surfaces. Verrucas are especially prone if our immune system is weakened meaning finding an effective verruca removal treatment for verrucas is crucial.

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A “highly effective treatment for getting rid of verrucas!”

As a viral infection of the skin, verrucas can be found on both the hands and feet. Verrucas can suddenly appear after laying latent in the skin for many years, or can be picked up through direct contact with surfaces containing the virus often where there is moisture (as above: changing areas; swimming pools; and gyms): ensuring verruca removal can be a painful and long process.

Once the verruca is embedded within the superficial surface of the skin, they can accelerate the turnover of skin that can cause you discomfort. In some cases verrucas can be painful, and interfere with your daily activities. The Avoca Silver Nitrate Pencil is an effective and painless verruca removal treatment which has a shallow penetrative effect for fast relief from verrucas and even described as a “highly effective treatment for getting rid of verrucas!”.

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Avoca Silver Nitrate Pencil is now available to purchase online at, and this verruca removal treatment is also available from your local pharmacist without a prescription. Improve your chances of effective verruca removal today! 

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Get the best verruca removal treatment with Avoca’s Silver Nitrate Pencil

Unlike other verruca treatments which can cause pain and ulceration particularly with repeated use, the Avoca Silver Nitrate Pencil is a fast, painless and effective verruca treatment for your embedded verrucas.

  • No pain
  • No cell disruption
  • No secondary dressing required
  • A shallow penetrative effect for fast verruca removal
  • Reduced risk compared to other verruca removal
  • Treatment does not interfere with your daily activities

How to use Avoca Silver Nitrate Pencil for verruca removal

Always use this verruca treatment exactly as indicated on the pack. Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.

Apply once daily for 6 days for verruca removal. If your symptoms carry on or do not improve after this number of applications, you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

How to apply the Silver Nitrate Pencil to ensure your verruca removal

  • Put a single drop of clean water on a non-absorbent surface such as an upturned drinking glass or steel cup
  • Dip the tip in the drop of water. Gently move the tip in the water for a minute
  • The tip is now coated in water containing silver nitrate
  • Do not allow the water or tip to touch healthy skin or tissue
  • Roll the tip on the area to be treated to transfer water from the tip to the surface of the area (see Figure 5)
  • Allow the treated area to dry before contact with any other surface
  • Using a paper tissue, dry the tip of the pencil and the non-absorbent surface. Dispose of the paper tissue
  • Over 24 hours, any surface touched by the water or wet tip may be stained black
  • After 24 hours, the black surface of the treated skin should be filed away with the supplied emery board.
  • The remaining verruca should be treated again.